SEND Leadership - Online - Webinar Programme

Thursday 18 Jan 2024 - Tuesday 12 Mar 2024

Lead an inclusive setting with high quality provision that supports all students with additional needs.


Choose the SEND Leadership conference plus additional webinars package and you'll receive acess to three 90-minute webinars plus a full set of recordings and presentations, enabling you to access sessions at the time that suits you best and share your learning with your whole team.

Webinar one (18 January, 10:00-11:30 GMT) 

Making sense of Emotionally-Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

Dr Jerricah Holder will provide an introduction to emotionally-based school avoidance (EBSA) and key psychological models essential to understanding the needs of children who find it difficult and distressing to attend school. Moving away from the language of school refusal, Jerricah will share her ‘Integrated Model of EBSA’, enabling school staff to develop a greater understanding of the complex and often multi-faceted aspects of school avoidance behaviours and how best to support children and families to rebuild their resilience to attend school.

Dr Jerricah Holder, Child and Educational Psychologist

Webinar two (7 February, 10:00-11:30 GMT)

Leading literacy support: ensure your literacy interventions have maximum impact in improving outcomes for dyslexic learners.

Anne Sheppee will share strategies and advice from more than 25 years experience as a SENCO, LEA advisor, neurodiversity consultant and dyslexia specialist on how to make the most of individualised literacy support that will enable your dyslexic learners to build confidence at school.  

Anne Sheppee, Neurodiversity Consultant and Dyslexia Specialist

Webinar three (12 March, 10:00-11:30 GMT)

Supporting neurodiversity: ADHD and emotional regulation. Increase your understanding of ADHD and how you can support self-regulation methods.

Suzy Rowland will challenge established thinking regarding how neurodivergent children are engaged and included in classroom learning and the school environment, especially those with ADHD. She will share tried and tested methods to support students in self-regualting their emotions.

Suzy Rowland, Founder, Happy In School Project