SEND Leadership - Online - Conference Programme

Thursday 18 Jan 2024 - Tuesday 12 Mar 2024

Develop your strategic oversight of SEND and lead an inclusive culture that allows your pupils and team to thrive.


This conference will also provide a full set of recordings allowing you to access the content live and interact with speakers, or at a time that suits you best.

Module one: Thursday 25 January 09:00 - 11:30 GMT

We are delighted that module 1 will be chaired by Natalie Packer. 

SEND update (09:00)

Key information and guidance surrounding additional needs provision.

Natalie Packer, Education Consultant, SEND

Implementing an inclusive culture (09:35)

Create an inclusive culture where staff are confident in teaching students with SEND and students feel safe, secure and supported. 

Nicole Dempsey, Director of Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities and Safeguarding, Dixons Academies Trust

Empower your teams and TA's (10:10)

Maximise your staff's skills and support your team's development goals.

Sara Alston, Consultant and Trainer, SEA Inclusion & Safeguarding

Supportive apps and software for dyslexia (10:45) 

Increase accessibility for your students with apps and technological advances.

Kirsteen Steven, Assistive technology and Additional support needs teacher, CALL Scotland


Module two: Thursday 1 February 09:00 - 11:30 GMT

We are delighted that module 2 will be chaired by Ginny Bootman.

Workload and wellbeing (09:00) 

Strategies to manage your own time while looking after your wellbeing.

Ginny Bootman, Special needs co-ordinator and Author

Drive high quality teaching in your setting (09:35) 

Ensure all students have access to high quality teaching before additional provision is needed.

William Cannock, Trust SEND Lead, The Charter Schools Educational Trust

Be the voice of SEND in your school’s leadership (10:10) 

Review your role as part of school leadership and ensure that additional needs provision is prioritised and supported by all.

Kenny Wheeler, SEND, Inclusion and Leadership Consultant

Inclusive classrooms (10:45) 

Design the spaces your students work in to increase accessibility and reduce sensory overload.

Shahana Knight, Founder and Director of TPC Therapy LTD

Marie Beale, Deputy Head Teacher - Inclusion, Whitefield Primary School