A-Z of mental health: poster

Positive mental health and wellbeing makes us feel content, peaceful and valued. Use and share this poster to improve your mental health one letter at a time

Author details

Nicola Harvey is a former senior teacher and pastoral lead with a specialism in special educational needs and mental health. She is also a published author, with over 15 years experience, and has worked with many teachers, parents and students to...

Improving and protecting our mental health can be broken down into small, manageable chunks to help stop us feeling overwhelmed and better able to cope with life. 

This downloadable poster offers tips and advice to boost your mental health and wellbeing. Areas covered include:

  • asking for help
  • developing healthy habits
  • improving your mood
  • increasing your self-esteem.

The poster is designed with everyone in mind so share it with staff and pupils and put up in the staffroom and classrooms.

Last Updated: 
03 Oct 2022