Understanding anxiety poster

With anxiety being one of the most common mental health issues in schools, everyone needs to understand what it is and how to make themselves feel better. Put this poster up in your school to give a better understanding of the symptoms of anxiety, and who people can talk to if they need extra support

Author details

Charlie Roden is a Junior Content Lead at Optimus Education. She previously worked as a member of Priestnall School’s curriculum support faculty, supporting young people with SEND. 

According to Childline, one in six young people are affected by an anxiety problem at some point during their lives. 

Pupils, particularly young children, may not realise that they are suffering with anxiety and so won't seek help.

This downloadable poster will help your pupils to:

  • understand that everyone experiences anxiety
  • recognise the symptoms of anxiety
  • practice strategies to make themselves feel better
  • recognise when symptoms of anxiety aren't normal
  • know who to go to for additional help.
Last Updated: 
19 Feb 2020