Writing a report to governors: checklist for SENCOs

An annual SEND report will keep your governing body up to date with policy, provision and progress. Download our checklist to make sure you include all the right information

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Natalie Packer is an independent education consultant, specialising in school improvement, SEN and outstanding teaching. She delivers a wide range of professional development packages for primary and secondary schools and supports initial teacher...

One of the main responsibilities of the SEND governor is to hold school leaders to account, making sure they secure good outcomes for pupils with SEND.

In order to fulfil this duty, and report back to the rest of the governing body, the SEND governor needs to stay abreast of the school’s SEND policy and practice. The SENCO is instrumental in providing these updates.

Although it is useful to share SEND information with the governor each term, you should give a full account of the impact of SEN policy and practice on an annual basis.

Designed for primary schools, this downloadable checklist outlines the information a SENCO should include in their annual report to governors, such as:

  • your current SEND profile
  • a summary of progress and attainment
  • admission, identification and assessment arrangements
  • staff development in SEND.

Last Updated: 
03 Nov 2021