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Webinar: Exclusion and SEND - making the right decisions

The exclusion of vulnerable pupils should always be a last resort. Hayley O’Sullivan explains how you can take a measured and compliant approach


Hayley is a solicitor in the education team at Browne Jacobson, specialising in education law advice to schools and academies, including advice on collaboration models and partnership structures, admissions, exclusions, special educational needs...

According to recent statistics, pupils with SEND are being excluded at a disproportionately higher rate than those without.

An Ofsted report published in October revealed that an ‘alarming’ number of schools and local authorities had resorted to unofficial exclusion where additional needs could not be met.

This is despite recent changes to the government’s statutory guidance, emphasising the role of school governors in scrutinising exclusion decisions before they can be made.

It’s vital that senior leaders and SEND leads work collaboratively, and take all appropriate steps to prevent the unnecessary exclusion of the school’s most vulnerable pupils.

By joining this webinar, you will:

  • understand how to comply with the updated statutory guidance
  • get tips on early intervention and alternatives to exclusion
  • learn how to scrutinise exclusion decisions and determine if they are fair.

There will be an opportunity to put your questions to Hayley and clarify your legal obligations.

Last Updated Date: 
11 Dec 2017