More able model policy


Write a more able or gifted and talented policy for your school using our downloadable template, to best teach, support and challenge more able pupils

The more able policy outlines how the school uses stretch and challenge and identifies and supports more able pupils. 

Clarifying for governors, staff, pupils and parents the different ways to identify more able pupils, and the type of provision needed, your policy needs to dispel any sense of elitism and showcase what your school does to stretch the more able.

Download our model document to help design a comprehensive policy for your school. 

The document includes:

  • examples of whole-school provision to customise as needed
  • target setting, curriculum design and assessment for more able pupils
  • examples of challenging teaching
  • the role of the gifted and talented/more able coordinator. 

For when Ofsted come calling, try our checklist for G&T coordinators.

Developed by Ruth Powley and reviewed by Torsten Payne.

Last Updated: 
18 Mar 2019