Job description: designated mental health lead

The government recommends that all schools and colleges have a designated mental health lead (DMHL), also known as a designated lead for mental health (DLMH) or wellbeing lead. Kelly Hannagan provides a customisable template to help you compile an appropriate job description

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Kelly Hannaghan is a wellbeing consultant, public speaker and writer, passionately promoting positive mental health and wellbeing of all stakeholders in education. You can find Kelly on...

A DMHL is not expected to be a mental health professional or a senior leader. However, the person in the role should have an oversight of the whole school/collage approach to mental health and wellbeing, including how it is reflected in behaviour and wellbeing policies, curriculum and pastoral support.

This job description can be adapted to suit the needs of your school or college.


Last Updated: 
16 Jun 2021