DSL year planner

If you are a designated safeguarding lead (DSL), download the DSL year planner or independent school DSL year planner to help plan and prioritise tasks and training across the year

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Ella is an independent NSPCC Accredited Safeguarding Consultant who worked in education for 14 years and was the Director of Safeguarding. Ella provides bespoke safeguarding training and advice and guidance to schools and other settings. Ella...

Luke Ramsden is an award-winning senior deputy headmaster and senior safeguarding lead at St Benedict’s School in...

The DSL year planner will help you meet safeguarding requirements and prioritise tasks across each half term, including:

  • delivering appropriate safeguarding training
  • completing a safeguarding report for the governors safeguarding committee 
  • esuring that relevant inspection records are up to date
  • ensuring that all safeguarding files for students starting at your school have been received.

Adapt the language, timing and frequency for your school.



DSL planner adapted by Ella Savell-Boss and independent school DSL planner updated by Luke Ramsden.

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Last Updated: 
21 Jun 2023