Supporting Staff Wellbeing - Exhibitors

Wednesday 27 Nov 2019
IBIS, ILEC Conference Centre, London

Edurio (Lead Sponsor)

Edurio is a rapidly growing stakeholder feedback solution that supports school improvement in MATs and schools in England and internationally. Edurio supports over 1000 schools with a leading web platform for stakeholder feedback collection and data visualisation as well as a framework for school improvement designed in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education researchers.

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QDP Services

Quality, Skills, Wellbeing and Satisfaction Audits from QDP:

“[QDP’s] independence gave staff confidence in the anonymity and greater confidence in buying into the outcomes”.

“..clear comparisons and interrogation, identifying origins of concern as well as reasons to celebrate and enhance the wellbeing of all Staff…”

“…ability to track improvements is instrumental in shaping school improvement priorities."

“QDP proved a great business decision…I would highly recommend QDP Services”

Come and speak to QDP about how we can help YOU.

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With 15 years of experience working in the education sector, OuttaReach specialise in Visual Marketing services for schools and colleges. With creativity, great design, product development and production, they lead the way in school marketing services. 

OuttaReach specialise in taking your vision and bringing it into reality, transforming your environment while strengthening your brand and promoting your values.

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