Overcoming disadvantage for struggling learners 2013

Wednesday 1 May 2013
Effective use of targeted pupil funding to enhance learning

Across the UK, there are many thousands of disadvantaged children who struggle with learning in school. This conference, hosted by Catch Up and building on last year’s success, is an opportunity to find out about the latest key research that raises some difficult and often controversial questions about how the needs of these vulnerable children can be met. Researchers and experienced practitioners will explore a range of strategic approaches that will be most cost-effective in schools.

Why is this conference relevant?

The continuing pressure of tight budgets is very much a global issue and yet, in these difficult times, there are still thousands of  struggling learners who desperately need support. The strategic use of funding to provide effective intervention in a cost-effective way is a perennial problem. This conference, hosted by Catch Up, aims to present recent key research about the effective use of targeted pupil funding and to consider the implications for overcoming disadvantage.

“It’s unacceptable that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to do well in school than their peers. The coalition government has introduced the Pupil Premium to tackle this problem.”

(David Laws, Schools Minister)

“This new money is a major boost for our schools and has one clear aim - to reduce the link between deprivation and educational attainment. The Welsh Government is taking practical action to deliver better educational opportunities for our most disadvantaged children.”

(Carwyn Jones, First Minister, Welsh Government)

“We know that there isn’t a particularly strong relationship between levels of expenditure and performance. What’s more important and is evident from the data is how that money is spent.”

(Michael Davidson, Senior Analyst, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD))

Catch Up, a not-for-profit charity, enables schools and others to provide the support that struggling learners so desperately need – with interventions that are both inexpensive and effective, and that have long-lasting impact. For further information visit www.catchup.org