Webinar: School budgets – how to plan and monitor effectively

Not only are SBMs expected to ‘predict the future’ with multi-year forecasting and budgeting in their school but they also have to take on all those last-minute ‘surprises’ such as staff restructures or unexpected legislation change


Sue is an experienced business manager with knowledge across the sector both in maintained and academy through all phases. She has also worked as an assessor for the DSBM, written for various sector publications and contributed to training...

SBMs are also expected to budget effectively, closely monitor and maintain evidence – especially in preparation for Ofsted.

Is it any wonder that SBMs feel stressed when they hear the word ‘budgets’?

Our budgets expert Sue Birchall guides you through these challenges and provides expert advice, including:

  • the most effective ways to set and monitor budgets
  • top tips on the best systems to use in school in terms of forecasting and monitoring
  • how to tie this process into effective school management.


Last Updated Date: 
05 Mar 2019