What is pupil wellbeing?

On the surface, this question appears easy to answer. But delve a little deeper and the complexities are revealed.

Wellbeing is not an easily defined concept. It is different for everyone. This is vital to remember when considering how to improve pupil wellbeing: one size does not fit all.

The purpose of this course is to identify what works well to enhance pupil wellbeing and do more of it. You will be encouraged to explore these three areas:

1. Yourself and how you operate
Before you support others, it is crucial to understand your sense of yourself. How aware are you of your thoughts, feelings, reactions and responses? Do you know your habits?

Self-awareness is a continual undertaking, a conscious choice. The good news is that the more you practise it, the easier it becomes.

2. Your pupils and how their wellbeing needs can be met
Self-awareness is a great first step to considering pupil wellbeing. Ideally, pupils will know what they are feeling and why – and how it helps or hurts.

They have an accurate sense of their strengths and limitations, which gives them a realistic self-confidence.

3. Evidence-based practice and theory about wellbeing
By the end of the course, you will have constructed a toolkit of ideas based in good practice, that is designed to work well for you and your pupils.

Aims and outcomes

  • Discover what is already working well and know how to do more of it.
  • Recognise what needs to be different and know how to change it.
  • Understand the link between adult wellbeing and pupil wellbeing.
  • Know when and how your actions have made a positive difference.
  • Create your own evidence-based toolkit to support pupil wellbeing.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Ten types of wellbeing
  • Unit 2: Concepts that underpin wellbeing (I)
  • Unit 3: Concepts that underpin wellbeing (II)
  • Unit 4: A three-pronged approach to wellbeing
  • Unit 5: Planning, evaluation and impact


Joanna Feast is a consultant, writer, trainer and teacher who specialises in supporting schools with PSHE, wellbeing and outdoor learning. She is also an exercise therapist and instructor.