Quite often when considering how to manage behaviour, schools and educational settings have a strong focus on reactionary systems and fixed ‘medicalised’ processes. This training course looks to change the focus of traditional approaches. By drawing on over 50 years’ worth of combined research and practical experience, it offers a unique, whole-school approach to reducing stress and challenging behaviour.

A key element of the low-arousal approach is the notion of proactively reducing demands that are sources of stress for the individual, thus enabling individuals to engage in coping mechanisms as a means of self-regulation. This may seem counterintuitive, especially as it can involve ‘allowing’ a person to engage in behaviour that may have formerly been viewed negatively. Well-referenced and grounded in a strong research and practice base, this course can help transform approaches and improve outcomes for all young people.

Aims and outcomes

  • Learn about the low-arousal approach and how it can improve outcomes for young people, staff and families.
  • Understand more about stress and how we can support ourselves.
  • Improve classroom pedagogy with regard to effective feedback and metacognition.
  • Challenge thinking about whole school systems and policies.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Understanding stress and emotional regulation
    • Unit 2: What is Low Arousal and what does it mean to me?
      • Unit 3: Understanding and applying an inclusive classroom pedagogy
        • Unit 4: Developing a whole-school approach


          Gareth D Morewood is the Educational Advisor at Studio III. He has worked in schools for 25 years, the last 17 of which were as SENCo in a fully inclusive large secondary in the North West.

          He has extensive experience in supporting schools...

          Professor Andrew A McDonnell BSc, MSc, PhD is Consultant Clinical Psychologist to, and Director of, Studio III Clinical Services.

          He is also Director, Clinical Consultant and Team Leader to Studio III Training.

          Andrew was formerly...

          Rachel has an M.A. English Literature and is a recent graduate of the University of Glasgow. She...