Take Time ebook: time management tool for SENCOs

Find strategies, tried and tested techniques and case studies to help you take control of your time and improve your wellbeing

Author details

Anita Devi is a special educational needs consultant, policy developer, strategist and trainer with experience from early years to postgraduate provision in the UK and overseas. 

Is your desk littered with abandoned to-do lists? Do you ever get to have a full lunch break or even a relaxing morning coffee? 

Too many SENCOs are still being over-stretched with enormous work loads while not receiving enough support from their SLT. Not only can this cause stress and a lack of time for wellbeing, but it can stop you being able to bring the best of yourself to your work and pupils.

Download Take Time to understand the principles of effective time management and work through the activities to see how easy it can be to take control of your time.


Last Updated: 
21 Dec 2021