Social media code of conduct

Download and adapt our social media code of conduct for use in your school

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Charlie Roden is a Junior Content Lead at Optimus Education. She previously worked as a member of Priestnall School’s curriculum support faculty, supporting young people with SEND. 

Having a social media code of conduct that outlines rules and expectations of all staff, pupils and parents/carers helps to:

  • ensure the safety of both pupils and staff
  • upholds the school's reputation
  • encourages parents/carers to go through the school's official complaints procedure should they need to express any frustrations or concerns.

Our social media code of conduct is a template that can be completed with your school's details.

  • Blue boxes shown in the template contain advisory notes that can be deleted when you have finished.
  • Grey text within the template indicates where you need to fill in specific details, such as particular requirements of the school.

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Last Updated: 
06 Mar 2020