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COVID-19: child protection annex, quiz and webinar

The DfE advised the use of a child protection policy COVID-19 annex to detail safeguarding arrangements during the pandemic. Dai Durbridge and Ella Savell-Boss provide an example and a quiz to share with staff and discuss issues arising

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Dai Durbridge is a partner in the education team at Browne Jacobson. He provides advice and training to teachers and other education professionals on relevant legal and practical issues. He has a particular focus on safeguarding issues, having...

Ella is an independent NSPCC Accredited Safeguarding Consultant who worked in education for 14 years and was the Director of Safeguarding. Ella provides bespoke safeguarding training and advice and guidance to schools and other settings. Ella...

Schools have been asked to provide care for vulnerable children and children whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

The example Annex to the Child Protection policy sets out details of safeguarding arrangements to tailor to your setting.

Share the Annex with staff and use our quiz to make sure they've read and understood what they need to do to keep children safe during the COVID-19 measures.

Safeguarding webinar

DSLs are currently in unknown territory. How do you carry out your role remotely? How do you ensure appropriate cover if you're unable to fulfil your role? How can you continue to safeguard the children in your care if you're not seeing them in person?

Dai Durbridge and Ella Savell-Boss explore how DSLs can best operate, drawing on the experience of attendees, in this webinar recorded on 2 April 2020. Listen to the recording below and download the accompanying slides.

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