MAT Leadership Programme 2019/20: Driving Improvement through Teams - Modules 1 & 2

Tuesday 19 Nov 2019 - Thursday 30 Apr 2020

Module 1: Making the transition to MAT leader

Date: Thursday 12 September 2019
Time: 09.30-15.30
Location: Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5DA

Module leader: Andy Samways
Guest speakers: Andy Hodgkinson and Yvonne Gandy

As MATs grow the challenges faced by their leaders change.  Increasingly MAT Leaders need to become strategic managers and to see resources, priorities and performance in a diversified corporate and strategic context.  This module helps those in senior positions to make the transition to becoming a MAT Leader.

  • Developing yourself and others as strategic managers.
  • Values and vision: slogans or driving forces?
  • How to develop an effective strategy.
  • Priorities and decision-making.
  • Making strategic choices and implementing them.

Module 2: Strategies for school improvement

Date:  Tuesday 19 November 2019
Time: 09.30-15.30
Location: Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Rd, London SW6 1HS

Module leader: Andy Samways
Guest speaker: Tim Coulson

The rationale for the creation and growth of MATs is to deliver better outcomes for students whilst improving economy and efficiency.  This module looks at how this can be achieved, recognising that different schools have different starting points and that governance and structures need to evolve to be effective in a changing strategic context.

  • Structure and objectives for MATs.
  • Improvement journeys.
  • Authority and responsibility.
  • Accountability.
  • Focus, investment and performance management.


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