Inclusion & Wellbeing MENA 2023 - Dubai - Wellbeing (Day 2)

Tuesday 14 Mar 2023 - Wednesday 15 Mar 2023
Sofitel Downtown Dubai

Deepen and enrich your inclusion and wellbeing strategy and culture, evidence impact, and ensure everyone thrives.


Join us on Wednesday 15 March  for our Wellbeing progamme at the Sofitel Downtown Dubai.

Registration (08:00 - 08:40)

Welcome from Optimus Education (08:40)

Welcome from KHDA (08:45)

Creating your culture of wellbeing (09:00 - 09:35)

Facilitated discussion: Challenges and successes  (09:35 - 09:55)

Questions and answers (09:55 - 10:05)

Workshop Choices (10:10 - 11:10)

1A. Impact

Gain tools to measure progress and evaluate the impact of your wellbeing curriculum and interventions.

1B. Transition

Equip students with the confidence and skills to flourish as they transition to secondary school education.

Mark Swaine, Transition Lead and Grade 6 Learning Coordinator, Swiss International Scientific School Dubai

C. Anger management

Support young people with the tools to manage difficult emotions.

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition (11:10 - 11:50)

Workshop choices (11:50 - 12:50)

2A. Embed wellbeing

Explore a model of how to foster and embed wellbeing and bring a sustained change.

Ambika Gulati, Principal and Priyanka Bhattacharya, Head of Senior School, The Millennium School

2B. Stress awareness

Recognise early signs of staff stress and support colleagues to respond.

2C. Engaging families

Deepen parental communication and collaboration so you can tackle and pre-empt wellbeing concerns in partnership.

Lunch, networking and exhibition (12:50 - 13:50)

Workshop choices (13:50 - 14:50)

3A. Secondary wellbeing curriculum

Share best practice, discuss challenges and gain new strategies to enhance your wellbeing teaching.

Joe Hall, Head of Sixth Form, Brighton College Dubai

3B. Self-esteem

Explore practical ways to boost pupil self-esteem.

Julia Knight, Head of Senior Girls and Primary School, Beech Hall Riyadh

3C. Solutions-focused counselling

Using a crisis to set up solution-focused counselling.

Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition (14:50 - 15:15)

Student leadership of wellbeing

Use student voice to drive and shape your wellbeing culture

Staff wellbeing: practices that work

Conference closes 16:15