Inclusion & Wellbeing MENA 2023 - Dubai - Inclusion (Day 1)

Tuesday 14 Mar 2023 - Wednesday 15 Mar 2023
Sofitel Downtown Dubai

Deepen and enrich your inclusion and wellbeing strategy and culture, evidence impact, and ensure everyone thrives.  


Chaired by Daniel Sobel, our Inclusion progamme takes place on Tuesday 14 March  at the Sofitel Downtown Dubai.


Registration (08:00 - 08:40)

Welcome from Optimus Education (08:40)

Welcome from KHDA (08:45)

Leading Inclusion (09:00 - 09:30)

Case study (09:30 - 09:50)

Questions and answers (09:50 - 10:05)

Workshop Choices (10:10 - 11:10)

1A. Quality first teaching

Explore what an inclusive classroom looks like and how every teacher can reach every child in the class to ensure accelerated progress for all

Wendy Harris, GEMS Wellington Director for Inclusion

Hear more about this workshop from Wendy

1B. Identify barriers

Ensure impactful IEPs which identify and tackle barriers to learning and enable progress

1C.  Assistive technology

Explore practical tools to enhance accessibility and the learning experience

Louise Dawson, Education Consultant and Inclusion Specialist

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition (11:10 - 11:50)

Workshop choices (11:50 - 12:45)

2A. Early identification

Implement rigorous assessment systems and spot early indicators of special education need

Dr Pashu Bhattacharya, HOD - Inclusion, GEMS Modern Academy

2B. Differentiation

Unpack practical strategies to enable individualised and personalised learning

Louise Dawson, Education Consultant and Inclusion Specialist

2C. Working with parents

Gain tools to collaborate effectively with parents and minimise challenging conversations

Daniel Sobel, CEO of Inclusion Expert, consultant and author

Lunch, networking and exhibition (12:45 - 13:45)

Workshop choices (13:45 - 14:40)

3A. Gifted and talented

Learn from best practice to identify, stretch and challenge more able students

3B. Whole staff approach

Explore how to get the most from your Inclusion team and get all teachers on board with supporting students of determination

Daniel Sobel, CEO of Inclusion Expert, consultant and author

3C. Emotional needs

Understand and respond to behaviour by identifying the emotional needs and communication of young people 

Stacey Bradwell, Director of Inclusion, GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail

Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition (14:40 - 15:00)

Workshop choices (15:00 - 15:55)

4A. Strategic action planning

Quality assure your inclusion provision through informed evaluation and broad and balanced review

4B. Autism and multi-sensory

Discuss strategies to aid communication and learning

Sarah Feeney, Head of Inclusion for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, Safa Community School


Deepen your practice with strategies to meet learner needs

What's troubling you? (16:00 - 16:15)

A focus on your questions and pressing needs as well as reflections of the day

Daniel Sobel, CEO of Inclusion Expert, consultant and author