Inclusion & Wellbeing MENA 2021 - Digital - Inclusion programme

Wednesday 24 Feb 2021 - Tuesday 9 Mar 2021

Three live modules (13:45 - 16:00 GST)

Module 1: Lead the way in inclusive education (Wednesday 24 February 2021)

1. Inclusive policy opening address, Noora Alsaadi, Bilingual Inspector, KHDA

2. Effective assessment in times of blended learning

  • An introduction to different types of assessment
  • Implications of blended learning for assessment sytems and practices
  • Assessing students during blended learning
  • Psychological and emotional stresses that can impact students' achievement and learning

Dr Rasha Mashmoushi, Educational Psychologist, Camali Clinic

3. Brave conversations: taking an individualised approach to transitionRenate Baur-Richter, Program Manager, SEDRA

4. Establish your school as a leader of inclusive education

  • Promote an inclusive ethos within the school
  • Engage the wider community to drive the school's mission of inclusion
  • Take on an inclusive challenge!

Catherine O'Farrell, Consultant and Corporate Leader

Module 2: Develop your inclusive practice (Thursday 4 March 2021)

1. Lessons from the pandemic and blended learning: differentiating and driving progress for students of determination

Remote, blended or face-to-face learning - ensuring access for all through UDL, Wendy Harris, Assistant Head Teacher - Inclusion, GEMS Wellington International School

  • A brief introduction to UDL and what this means
  • Some ideas of how to utilise the approach in the classroom - both live and remote

Student agency, flipped learning and layering the learning, Barry Cooper, Education Consultant

2. Modifications to ensure progress for autistic students, Gareth Morewood, Consultant and Visiting Lecturer

3. Create stretch and challenge in the classroom and tailor provision for dual exceptionality, Naz Denning, Brighton College

4. Network groups: Rigorously embed inclusion in every classroom - build and take away a bank of practical ideas

Module 3: Evidence and ensure rigorous provision (Monday 8 March 2021)

1. Develop a rigorous system of monitoring and reviewing your whole school provision

  • Establish clear expectations and goal setting - Systems Thinking tools
  • What does an inclusive school look like?
  • How to monitor and review practice - practical tools

Catherine O'Farrell, Consultant and Corporate Leader

2. Working together towards and beyond diagnosisSarah-Jane Critchley, Consultant and author, Different Joy

3. Early intervention and collaboration, Dr Ruba Tabari, Educational Psychologist, The Developing Child Centre

4. Understand emotional regulation and use low arousal approachesGareth Morewood, Consultant and Visiting Lecturer

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