Inclusion & Wellbeing MENA 2021 - Digital - Wellbeing programme

Wednesday 24 Feb 2021 - Tuesday 9 Mar 2021

Three live modules (13:45 - 16:00 GST)

Module 1: Your whole-school wellbeing culture (Thursday 25 February 2021)
1. Promote social and emotional learning through your happiness and wellbeing curriculum
Hind Al Mualla, Chief of Creativity, Happiness and Innovation (KHDA)
2. Reflections on the impact of the pandemic and a look forward to a bright future through rebuilding, re-connection and resilience
  • School Community: taking the opportunity to reflect on the systems and strategies that have supported all stakeholders to continue operating during the pandemic
  • Rebuilding: developing relationships and emotional wellbeing through reflective journeys and moments of celebration for self-esteem and confidence
  • Future learning: use the experiences of emotional impact to be the key ingredients in recognising personal, professional and organisational resilience for the future

Nina Jackson, Voices of Wellbeing

3. Create a whole-school culture with mental health and wellbeing at its heart
  • Leadership: proactive, pre-emptive and preventative approaches to address potential barriers
  • Curriculum: balancing the core, the inner and the extra-curricular provision
  • Stakeholder engagement: working with students, staff, governors, parents and the wider community

Hannah Wilson, Education Consultant

4. Network groups: Leading whole-school wellbeing

Module 2: Impact whole community wellbeing through relationships (Tuesday 2 March 2021)

1. Building the team: creating strong school/parent relationships that impact whole community wellbeing

  • Creating the environment: communications strategy
  • Delivering the opportunities: events and opportunities to connect
  • Honing the message: approaches to active academic management of pupils

​Barry Cooper, Education Consultant

2. Early interventions to support student self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Measuring: developing systems to audit student wellbeing needs
  • Implementing: purposeful interventions for individual student needs
  • Reviewing: assessing impact of early intervention on emotional health outcomes

Kelly Hannaghan and Nina Jackson, Voices of Wellbeing

3. How to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and support students affected by social anxiety

4. Network groups: classroom strategies for wellbeing 

Module 3:Support student resilience, mental health and wellbeing (Tuesday 9 March 2021)

1. Empower students to look after their own mental health and respond to high stress situations with resilience

Dr Ruba Tabari, Psychologist, The Developing Child Centre

2. Practical strategies to support students struggling with body image and eating disorders

Dr Catherine Frogley, Clinical Psychologist and Education Team Lead, The Lighthouse Center for Wellbeing

3. Strategies to support students affected by low mood and depression

4. Network groups: working colalboratively


On-demand content

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Video training on: strategies for supporting students affected by self-harm, supporting students affected by bereavement and grief, understanding containment, SEND wellbeing.