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Thursday 29 Jun 2023
Park Plaza Victoria, London

The Education Space - Lead sponsor

The Education Space is transforming education – offering services our schools need to start looking to the future.

We’re giving our education system access to innovative ideas and up-to-date thinking. We’re creating conversations about what a modern classroom should look like, and taking a fresh look at the skills our students are going to need when they leave school.

It’s time to make education relevant, inspiring, and imaginative – so we can prepare children for the future.

Contact information:

Stewart Kiddell Head of Business Development
E: Letstalk@theeducationspace.co.uk
T: 0208 249 6900 (option 1)

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Thrive equips teaching staff to help children and young people understand and manage their emotions, so they feel safe, supported, and ready to learn.

Over 50,000 staff in 2,600 schools and settings have received Thrive training, ensuring that 600,000 children and young people aged 0-25 have access to the Thrive Approach.

Thrive offer training, online assessments, and expert strategies for working with pupils to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment (as well as supporting staff wellbeing).

Thrive aligns with Public Health England’s eight principles for a whole school and college approach and supports staff to collect evidence of progress for continuous improvement work and OFSTED inspections.

Contact information:

E: enquiries@thriveapproach.com
T: 01392 797555

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ACER is one of the world’s leading educational research organisations and has been providing reliable support and expertise to educational policy makers and practitioners since 1930.

Working closely with governments, schools and universities in the UK, international aid agencies, and research or not-for-profit organisations. We work to help advance educational research and help progress educational development in every project we take on.

We create and promote research-based knowledge, products and services that can be used to improve learning across the lifespan. We work globally with schools, education departments, ministries of education, further and higher education institutions, donor organisations and non-government organisations.

Contact information:

Ilhan Farah,
E: Ilhan.Farah@acer.org
T: 07780 726897

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Eduprise helps schools, and multi-academy trusts to create inspiring digital marketing, communications and public relations campaigns.

Specialising in education gives us an edge over other agencies. We can evidence that when done right, we can improve areas as diverse as:

• Increasing pupil admissions.
• Improving recruitment numbers.
• Raising your profile locally and nationally.
• Building strong links with your community.
• Growing your parental engagement.
• Generating additional income through fundraising.

Get in touch to discuss your goals. We’ll explain how we can implement a winning strategy, simple operations, and a professional service that delivers content, digital, design, and promotional items that get results.

Contact information:

Dawn Cowe,
E: hello@eduprise.co.uk
T:  03330 111 891


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Edurio is the UK’s leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools. We run research projects in the UK and internationally and create guidance reports for school leaders and policymakers.

Edurio’s survey platform allows easy feedback collection from pupils, parents and staff members on important topics.

Contact information:

E: hello@edurio.com

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Leadership Edge

Coaching Training with an Edge! Instead of the ‘quick-fix’ offered by twilights or training days, we become your ongoing partner on this journey of culture change. Our 3-tier coaching accreditation programme supports staff to listen to, question and empower each other, one conversation at a time.

Our team of 20 associate coaches, all with school leadership experience, develop your staff’s coaching skills so they get the most out of each other by building trust and resilience to listen to themselves and to each other. PURE Coaching: your safe thinking space.

Enhance Wellbeing. Improve Retention. Maximise Performance.

Contact information:

E: info@leadershipedge.org.uk

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School Business Services

School Business Services’ education-specific teams specialise in Finance, MIS and ICT. Our professional services include short- and long-term cover for finance and data staff at all levels, along with management accounting, outsourced processing, internal scrutiny and timetabling. Our financial forecasting and planning software SBS Budgets is used by over 200 MATs.

Contact information:

E: nbalmer@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk
T: 07795 655423

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TIB School Site Staff

TIB recruits mature, responsible and community-minded people primarily from the emergency services and British military to work within schools as caretakers and site staff. Each team member brings extensive transferable skills and life experience from their professional backgrounds. Training includes COSHH, legionella, asbestos, fire warden and safeguarding children.

TIB offer supply agency, fixed-contract and permanent recruitment services to schools.

With a candidate pool of over 3,300 people they cover the whole UK. The company has built supplier relationships with over 500 schools providing KCSIE and Enhanced DBS checked caretakers and site managers since the service was rolled out in 2020.

Contact information:

Leo Taylor,
E: leo@tibservices.co.uk
T: 01572 827868

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Milestone Education

Milestone Education delivers forward-thinking Recruitment, Training, and Wellbeing solutions for schools.

The Recruitment division of Milestone Education is proud to represent high-calibre talent who share our vision of making a positive difference in recruitment and retention.

Within the Training division we offer a unique CPD suite and consultancy-based advisory service to develop all individuals involved in children's learning.

We also offer a range of Wellbeing solutions and strategies for staff and pupils, including Sensory Street Pathways.

Through these initiatives, we are determined to drive meaningful change within education.

Contact information:

E: enquiries@milestoneeducation.co.uk
T: 0333 2400 751

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Evidence Based Education

We provide training and tools to help enhance the quality of teaching. Our work is evidence led. We bridge the gap between research and practice, supporting teachers and leaders to be informed. We create innovative, impactful and engaging professional learning to help improve learner outcomes for good.

Contact information:

E: enquiries@evidencebased.education
T: 0191 565 0425

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Every® is a leading provider of compliance and human resources management solutions for the education sector. Our practical software has been developed to maximise efficiencies across schools and multi-academy trusts nationwide.

From one central place, organisations receive a full and holistic view of all HR and compliance tasks. Interactive, detailed dashboards display an array of real-time data, helping to empower more informed decision-making. Status of activities can be viewed for single schools as well as trust-wide, working to streamline all internal processes. Our user-friendly software is extremely adaptable and can easily be scaled up or down to meet a school or MAT’s needs.

Contact information:

E: phil.treanor@iris.co.uk
T: 0753 281 1805

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IRIS Connect

IRIS Connect bridges the gap between teaching theory and classroom practice through our market leading video technology and PD solution, trusted by 400+ MATs in the UK. Building on years of education expertise and research, we have developed a unified professional learning solution that contains all of the PD mechanisms shown to lead to sustainable, positive change in teaching practice. One centralised, secure and easy to use platform across the trust that provides tailored PD for every teacher at any career stage. Enable effective self-reflection and sharing of good teaching practice, improve collaboration and coaching over distance. Visit our stand to find out more!

Contact information:

E: info@irisconnect.co.uk
T: 0333 136 2484

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Edapt provide edu-legal, employment and mental health support to school staff across the country. We’re apolitical and independent providing an alternative choice to a traditional teaching union membership.

Our specialist focus means that we have vast experience of education employment law supporting our subscribers. By only using professionally qualified caseworkers, Edapt provide subscribers with access to quality, objective advice and support in a timely fashion.

Edapt also works at the organisational level with schools and MATs, helping to improve staff wellbeing, retention and business costs.

Edapt – Supporting school staff. Protecting careers

Contact information:

Alistair Wood (CEO)
E: alistair@edapt.org.uk
T: 07862136191

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