DPO Update training day - London - Programme

Thursday 9 Nov 2023
ILEC Conference Centre, London

Reduce risk, ensure a culture of compliance and avoid costly legal mistakes with this new training day for data protection leaders working in education.


Registration, refreshments and networking (08:30)

Introduction to the course (09:15)

Change on the horizon? (09:30)

How the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill will impact school DPOs.

Learning from the first five years (09:50)

  • Understanding the ICO
  • Main issues and concerns
  • Understanding blockers and creating solutions

Subject access requests in three parts - part one (10:15)

Getting the basics right:

  • Verbal vs written requests
  • Who decides: parent -v- child
  • Timeframes and extensions
  • Extent of the search

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition (10:55 - 11:35)

Subject access requests - part two (11:35)

Strong process and procedure:

  • The who, the what and when
  • Logs and evidence
  • Understanding your resource need
  • Reducing the data you hold.

Subject access requests - part three (12:00)

Working with the requestor:

  • Removing the fear
  • Reducing the scope
  • Avoiding complaints and ICO involvement.

Lunch, networking and exhibition (12:25 - 13:20)

Breaches in two halves
Part 1: Avoiding (13:20)

  • Clear and understood policy and procedure
  • Culture and training.

Part 2: Managing (13:50)

  • Focus on containment
  • Investigation
  • Reporting to the ICO and informing individuals
  • Recording breaches and reflective learning.

Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition (14:10 - 14:30)

Breaches in two halves (14:30)

Managing Breach (continued)

Managing police requests for personal data (14:50)

Case studies - learning into action (15:15)

  • Managing a data breach
  • Responding to a SAR

Plenary and refections (16:10)

Training day finishes at 16:20