Careers education: self-evaluation checklist

Suzanne O’Connell provides a checklist for you to evaluate your school’s careers provision

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Suzanne O'Connell has more than 25 years' teaching experience, 11 years of which were as a junior school headteacher. She has a particular interest in special needs, child protection and extended services and is currently a writer, editor and...

Careers education is an area of key importance for secondary schools. Despite the duty to provide careers education, it has often been approached in a half-hearted fashion.

It's important to remember that:

  • careers education is about aspiration as much as advice
  • information is widely available, so advice should be accompanied with coaching and motivation
  • the best mentoring and motivation comes from people in jobs: employers, schools and colleges must do more in partnership together
  • careers last a lifetime so a high level of education is crucial.

Audit your school's careers provision with our pre-made checklist, to help ensure a high quality careers education.


Last Updated: 
05 Aug 2016