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Webinar: Understanding the key changes to KCSIE 2018

Dai Durbridge outlines some of the main changes to the safeguarding statutory guidance 'Keeping children safe in education' and explains how schools can begin to prepare


Dai Durbridge is a partner in the education team at Browne Jacobson. He provides advice and training to teachers and other education professionals on relevant legal and practical issues. He has a particular focus on safeguarding issues, having...

In this 20-minute webinar, we will:

  • outline the top 10 changes to the Keeping children safe in education guidance
  • explore five of those changes in detail
  • answer a few questions.

In September, an updated version of the safeguarding statutory guidance, Keeping children safe in education, will take effect. This includes additional information for all staff and clarification on pressing issues such as peer-on-peer abuse, the use of reasonable force and the single central record.

In this webinar, Dai Durbridge provides a brief introduction to five of the most important changes.

  1. Peer-on-peer abuse
  2. DSLs and file transfer
  3. Reasonable force
  4. Volunteers and regulated activity
  5. Host families

Read a write-up of Dai's presentation on page 50 of Insight magazine issue 16.

Safeguarding whole-school programme

Use our interactive training materials to make sure that all members of teaching staff, support staff and volunteers understand the role they play in keeping children safe. 

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23 Aug 2018