Webinar: Presentation skills for school business leaders

Want to make your voice heard and increase your confidence? Nickii Messer guides listeners through the process of planning and delivering a presentation


Nickii Messer was a school business leader for 16 years across three school phases, including senior leadership roles. Nickii is passionate about training and professional development for school business professionals, and since 2008 has been...

Listen to this webinar and:

  • know how to prepare an effective presentation
  • learn strategies for getting your point across
  • get tips for speaking with confidence and authority.

If you’re working in a school business management role, it’s likely that at some point you’re going to have to come out from behind your desk and stand up in front of people.

It might be to present a report to SLT or the governors, share news about a restructure with staff – or even to speak at a SBM network event. 

Whatever the situation, you will need to get your points across succinctly and confidently.

But for many people, the very thought of public speaking is enough to bring out a cold sweat.

The ISBL standards

Map your newly-acquired skills onto the ISBL professional standards and use this as clear evidence of your continued professional development.

Last Updated Date: 
15 Jul 2019