Webinar: Middle leadership skills – managing difficult conversations

Having a difficult conversation is a challenging part of middle leadership. Helen Morgan considers what makes conversations difficult and offers strategies to manage them without confrontation


Helen Morgan is executive director at HM Education Consultancy Ltd and offers bespoke training, coaching and consultancy support to educational organisations. Her portfolio is underpinned by her experience as a teacher, school leader, local...

We all need to conduct a difficult conversation at some point and the longer we avoid it, the more we are likely to dread it.

For middle leaders, an important element of the role is building an effective team. You need to recognise strengths and give positive feedback where due, as well as having difficult conversations with staff when things don’t go to plan.

In a difficult conversation you may be faced with awkward silences, denial or sensitive issues. Do you feel equipped to be able to manage these with an open and honest discussion?

This webinar will provide approaches to undertaking a difficult conversation, strategies to help frame the conversation and ways to ensure productive communication.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will develop your understanding of:

• what makes some conversations difficult and why it is essential to have them
• the practicalities of having a challenging conversation
• strategies and approaches to managing difficult conversations
• how to manage your own feelings and those of others.

You’ll be able to download slides on the day of the webinar and put questions to Helen during the event.

Last Updated Date: 
24 Nov 2016