Webinar: Creating and implementing an effective EAL policy

An English as an additional language policy can be a powerful tool for school improvement, but can be difficult to create and implement. Join us for guidance on EAL policy best practice


Diane Leedham is an education consultant, trainer and writer. She has worked as a teacher, head of English, whole school literacy lead, local authority advisor for English, literacy and EAL and a specialism project lead.

There are more than a million children in UK schools who speak English as an additional language (EAL). Yet the needs of these children are not always well understood, and it can be a challenge to implement language-aware pedagogy across a whole school.

In this webinar Diane Leedham, EAL teacher, advisor and trainer, discusses creating, implementing and sustaining an effective EAL policy across the school. The presentation focuses on:

  • a whole-school approach to EAL policy, with examples of what it should contain
  • making EAL-aware pedagogy a part of every classroom
  • common misconceptions about EAL teaching that you can address.

You might like to download our EAL model policy template to use with this webinar.

Last Updated Date: 
17 Jan 2019