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It is staggering to think that an average teacher, in a 20-year career, will deliver approximately 21,500 lessons.

Consider for just for a moment the thousands of young lives that such a teacher will impact upon. What an awesome and wonderful responsibility, and no wonder that Sir John Jones describes teachers as ‘the magic weaving business’ in his book of the same name.

Of course, any effective teacher needs to be armed with more than good intentions. To be the most efficient practitioner in the classroom, we each need to harness the approaches and pedagogies that are proven to make the most difference to pupils’ learning.

Quality First Teaching is a sensible starting point to begin to consider not just what we do but why we do it.

Aims and outcomes

  • To explore what is meant by the term ‘Quality First Teaching’ (QFT)
  • To understand the importance of QFT
  • To explore the components of QFT
  • To consider implications for your own teaching

Unit content

Unit 1: What is Quality First Teaching and why is it important?