Study type: 
Group study

Teaching Assistants: Successful Classroom Partnerships

With these practical tools and strategies, you can ensure that working partnerships between teachers and teaching assistants are efficient, sustainable and pupil-focused

If they’re going to have a positive impact on pupil achievement, teaching assistants need to be deployed effectively. This course helps school staff to develop their partnership working in order to provide outstanding opportunities for all learners, deliver pupil progress and narrow gaps in performance.

Who should present: SENCO

Who should participate: Units 1 and 2 are for both teaching assistants and teachers. Unit 3 is suitable for the whole school.

Containing video case studies, this training course will enable you to:

  • use practical tools for effective information sharing between teachers and TAs
  • explore proven strategies for student progress
  • consider your whole-school approach and ethos around partnership working
  • improve home-school partnerships through positive communication.

How to use this course

This course is made up of 3 units.

  • Units 1 and 2 are aimed at teaching assistants and teachers. The two are connected so participants should attend both. These units last around 1 hour.
  • Unit 3 is suitable for the whole school, including administrative and financial staff, as it looks at whole-school partnerships. This unit lasts between 60-90 minutes.

This course could be delivered as twilight sessions, or as part of a larger training day.

Author and trainer

Gareth D Morewood


Author Gareth D Morewood is Director of Curriculum Support [SENCo] at a large comprehensive secondary school in the north-west of England, awarded an ‘Outstanding’ judgment by Ofsted in June 2011. He is a passionate advocate of inclusive education and has written extensively provision within mainstream settings for students with complex needs.