If they are going to have a positive impact on pupil achievement, teaching assistants need to be deployed effectively.

This course helps school staff to develop their partnership working in order to provide outstanding opportunities for all learners, deliver pupil progress and narrow gaps in performance.

Aims and outcomes

This training course will enable you to:

  • use practical tools for effective information sharing between teachers and teaching assistants
  • explore proven strategies for student progress
  • consider your whole-school approach and ethos around partnership working
  • improve home-school partnerships through positive communication.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Practicalities of classroom partnerships
    • Unit 2: Effective strategies for improving learning
      • Unit 3: A whole-school approach to partnerships


        Gareth D Morewood is the Educational Advisor at Studio III. He has worked in schools for 25 years, the last 17 of which were as SENCo in a fully inclusive large secondary in the North West.

        He has extensive experience in supporting schools...