Study type: 
Group study,
Self study

Teacher Development Programme

 A toolbox of essential training and techniques covering core skills and encouraging deeper understanding of practice

How to use this programme

  1. Complete the core content units over one to two terms to drive sustainable improvements OR select individual units to target a specific issue – perfect for new teachers or returning teachers in need of a refresher.
  2. Choose from self-study and ‘download and deliver’ options.
  3. Make use of the associated reading and resources to supplement and deepen your learning.
  4. Ensure participants document their progress after units and reflect in later input sessions.


Great learners are found where great teaching exists. 

From understanding the concept of learning to considering the structure of their lessons, teachers have a huge spectrum of tasks to think about daily.

This training programme covers the fundamental areas of teaching practice that form a well-rounded and effective practitioner. Deliver these units as a course for new teachers, or select individual units that target an area in need of development. 

For a full overview of the programme, click on the image below.

Aims and outcomes

  • Equip new teachers and developing teachers with a toolbox of techniques for improved practice.
  • Gain practical techniques for supporting learners to learn effectively.
  • Take away strategies for meeting Ofsted criteria for quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

Each unit includes

  • Trainer notes, presentations and handouts.
  • Resources to support implementation of new skills and continued reflection.
  • Additional reading for further learning.

How one school is using the programme

Mark Ramsden of Healing School explains how the Teacher Development Programme supports his school's approach to personalising CPD.