Welcome to this course on effective parental engagement. This course is a combination of research and experience that will help you lead and communicate with your school stakeholders to develop strong relationships and effective partnership working. 

NOTE: Throughout this course we use ‘school’ to cover the full range of educational establishments, and we use ‘parent’ to represent the principal adult or adults caring for the pupil. 

Aims and outcomes

  • Explore the foundations of positive parental engagement. 
  • Learn how parental engagement can be achieved in your busy school.
  • Create a clear strategy for implementing parental engagement at your school using practical tools.

Course content

  • Unit 1: The foundations of positive parental engagement
  • Unit 2: Overcoming barriers to parental engagement
  • Unit 3: Action planning and resources


Julia Seymore is the founding clinical hypnotherapist at Oxford Family Hypnotherapy, working with adults and children. She started her career as a teacher specialising in challenging behaviour. Since then Julia has developed PSHE materials and...