Study type: 
Group study

Effective Lesson Planning

Equip your staff with a seven-step approach to lesson planning which clearly and effectively targets the needs of pupils

How to use this course

Each unit in this course lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. 

Run these sessions as a series over the course of one or two terms to ensure they have the greatest impact on practice.

Author and trainer

John Viner

This practical course develops teachers’ understanding of learning theory and links this to the key components of planning a lesson well, including being clear about what a successful learning objective looks like and how to use success criteria.  Teachers who take this course will be able to match expected learning outcomes to the needs and abilities of their pupils, making a key contribution to the school’s effective differentiation.

Participants in this course will be able to:

  • structure lessons in ways that support pupils’ learning by knowing the neuroscience behind learning
  • write clear and successful learning objectives rooted in the learning, not the activity
  • produce teaching that meets the needs of all learners, ensuring that both the learning and the activity are differentiated
  • use success criteria to underpin learning and shape them to support learning and challenge
  • enable effective assessment that is driven by being clear about the learning through understanding of the learning theory
  • develop suitable learning challenges using strategies that support learning, such as effective questioning and lesson summaries.

Author John Viner was a headteacher for 20 years and is now an additional inspector, education consultant and trainer. This course has been tried and tested in a variety of schools.