Every class – and every pupil – is different. The challenge of meeting the needs of all learners simultaneously has never been easy but this challenge has been greatly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Widescale and prolonged school closures mean that teachers will need a new and effective toolkit for first assessing and then addressing, gaps in pupils’ learning. 

This course addresses reasons why pupils may become vulnerable to underachievement and explores a range of proven and practical strategies to accelerate the catch-up process. By ascertaining exactly what pupils have remembered over time, we can intervene to plug gaps in learning and provide appropriate support and challenge for each pupil.

Aims and outcomes

  • Understand which pupils are vulnerable to underachievement and how to intervene effectively.
  • Learn how to quickly assess what pupils have retained from prior learning and what needs to be readdressed.
  • Learn how to make the best use of limited teaching time in order to create maximum progress for all learners.
  • Become familiar with a range of proven and practical pedagogies to accelerate pupil progress.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Understanding where and what achievement gaps may exist
  • Unit 2: Using assessment to identify specific gaps in learning
  • Unit 3: Curriculum planning to support effective differentiation and catch-up
  • Unit 4: Practical classroom differentiation approaches


Author of The Perfect Assessment for Learning, Claire is a teaching and learning consultant and trainer with more than 25 years of classroom experience. Claire works with schools nationally and internationally to raise achievement; much...