Supporting emotional wellbeing during and after lockdown: a framework

How can school leaders support staff, pupils and families as they transition back from their varied lockdown experiences? Download this eight step framework for guidance

This framework is designed to help schools think about possible ways forward in terms of the emotional wellbeing and mental health of their pupils and staff over the next few months.

The framework consists of eight steps. For each step you’ll find suggestions and examples of how to put it into practice.

  1. Keep in touch with the school community.
  2. Review your wellbeing and mental health provision in light of the lockdown.
  3. Plan for a welcoming transition.
  4. Communicate your strategy for coping with wellbeing and mental health issues to the whole school.
  5. Provide training for staff on the emotional wellbeing and mental health implications and consequences of the lockdown.
  6. Provide signposts to appropriate online help for pupils, staff and families with emotional and mental health needs stemming from the lockdown.
  7. Establish a new ‘normal’.
  8. Focus on staff wellbeing.

The framework is based on the practice, research and experiences of the authors, who are all advisers on the Wellbeing Award for Schools. They have been continuing to work with schools subscribing to the Award during the lockdown period and their support will continue through the transition to wider opening.

The framework is very much based on that direct school experience, and we are sharing it more widely in the hope that other schools will find it useful.

Last Updated: 
15 Jun 2020