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The SBM June checklist

It's the last half term before the summer holidays. Are you prepared for the month ahead? Use the SBM June checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything and find links to expert advice

Author details

Caroline is the Head of School Business Strategy and Resources at Miles Coverdale Primary School in London. 

Download and adapt this checklist to help ensure you stay on top of regular tasks for finance, HR, premises and ICT, data and admin.

Key tasks

  • Share draft budget for new financial year with governors (academies only).
  • Complete interviews and secure agency staff for September if needed; view ID documents and apply for DBS checks. 
  • Ensure Reception/Year 7 class intake list is up to date.
  • Organise summer deep clean and equipment safety checks. 
  • Submit the summer term census.

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Last Updated: 
23 May 2023