Mental health and wellbeing: template letter for parents

Parents play a vital role in supporting what you do to improve the mental health and wellbeing of students. Use our template letter to explain your initiatives and keep parents informed

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Mike Lamb is director of staff and pupil wellbeing at Hurstierpoint College. A previous head of year and housemaster, Mike has developed and designed whole school wellbeing programmes and believes these should be at the heart of every school.

Each school will have its own approach to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, but in all cases getting parents and carers involved is paramount. By keeping them informed of your objectives, initiatives and key points of contact, you will be able to engage parents more effectively in improving their child's wellbeing.

Use this template letter to structure your communication with parents about mental health and wellbeing support in school. It can be adapted to cover:

  • the activities you run for students
  • how pupils can access mental health support
  • the external services you work with
  • opportunities for parents to get involved.


Last Updated: 
24 Mar 2021