Independent school pastoral deputy head year planner

Download this planner, created for a pastoral deputy headteacher in a senior or secondary independent school setting, and use it to prioritise tasks

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Luke Ramsden is an award-winning senior deputy headmaster and senior safeguarding lead at St Benedict’s School in...

The pastoral deputy head year planner will help you meet requirements and structure and prioritise tasks across each half term, including:

  • ensure safeguarding policy is updated to reflect KCSIE 2023
  • prepare termly safeguarding/pastoral report for governors
  • make sure that inspection files of behaviour, bullying incidents, incidents of discrimination (in particularly sexual harassment and abuse) and complaints are all up to date.

This planner breaks pastoral deputy headteacher tasks into half-termly chunks. Adapt the language, timing and frequency for your school or setting.

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Last Updated: 
22 Aug 2023