Holistic assessment poster

What do we mean by holistic assessment? Use this poster to remind your staff how they can personalise their approach to formative and summative assessment

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Anita Devi is a special educational needs consultant, policy developer, strategist and trainer with experience from early years to postgraduate provision in the UK and overseas. 

In their response to the consultation on the Rochford Review recommendations, the government has acknowledged that schools should have 'the freedom to select an approach [to assessment] appropriate to their pupils', in order to collate a range of evidence 'not limited to any specific type outlined in a prescribed model'. 

While moving away from a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to assessment will help you to develop a better picture of a pupil's prior and current ability, it's important not to lose sight of what constitutes an effective assessment system. 

This two-sided poster illustrates:

  • what an effective assessment system looks like*
  • what holistic assessment looks like in practice.

The Rochford Review proposed significant changes to the statutory assessment of pupils working below national curriculum standards.

To help your staff keep track of how the government has responded to these recommendations, download our updated briefing for your SLT.

*adapted from the DfE's Assessment Principles, 2014.

Last Updated: 
06 Feb 2018