How do I add a new member to my school's membership?

How do I add a new member to my school's membership?

You can add a new member to your school's membership via your dashboard. You can only add one member at a time. If you have many new members to add you can contact your account manager or customer services at customer.services@optimus-education.com. The Optimus team will be able to add multiple members. 

Via your dashboard

  1. Go to your dashboard. You can see this in the top right hand corner of the website once you have logged in.
  2. Once you are on your dashboard look for the School Members box and click the 'Add member' button. If you can not see the School Members box read How do I customise my dashboard to add this. 

  1. Complete all the fields in the form and click SUBMIT. Please note you will not be able to add a user with an email address that already exists. 

  1. The new members added will receive an email with a one-time link to log in to set up their password. 

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