Supporting Student Wellbeing in Independent Schools - Programme

Tuesday 30 Apr 2019
ETC Venues- Victoria, London

09:00 to 09:45

09:45 to 10:00

10:00 to 10:40

10:00 – 10:40
Pressure: Help your pupils effectively manage pressure

Help your pupils effectively manage pressure:

  • cope with ever-increasing exam pressures
  • handle and manage the pressures applied by parents and carers 
  • relieve pressures that come from peers and ‘fitting-in  

Sarah Griffiths, Deputy Headteacher, Caterham School


10:40 to 11:20

10:40 – 11:20
Mental Health

Hear how to build a whole school mental health approach that encourages open discussion, breaks down taboos and helps manage the challenges of strained services  

Oliver Welsby, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker, Brightcore Consultancy


11:20 to 11:30

11:30 to 12:00

12:00 to 12:50

12:00 – 12:50
1A: Parents and Carers

Establish a parent engagement policy that manages parental expectations and keeps pupil wellbeing a priority for everyone.

Mike Lamb, Director of Staff and Pupil Wellbeing, Hurstierpoint College

12:00 – 12:50
1B: Self-Harm

Staff training that effectively handles cases of self-harm that assure staff are confident and pupils looked after.

Sarah Kessling, Training Team Leader & Specialist Trainer; Lets Talk Training

12:00 – 12:50
1C: Boarding

Create effectual downtime strategies that ensure pupils are well-rested and phones managed appropriately.

Helen Keevil, Assistant Headteacher, Epsom College


12:50 to 13:50

12:50 – 13:50

13:50 to 14:20

13:50 – 14:20
Staff Wellbeing

Innovative and time efficient staff wellbeing initiatives that improve whole school outcomes.

Dr Rina Bajaj, Schools Engagement Trainer, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (AFNCCF)


14:20 to 14:30

14:30 to 15:20

14:30 – 15:20
2A: Anxiety

Strategies to build resilience and promote positive coping mechanisms to support pupil anxiety.

Dr Helen O'Connor, Psychologist, St Swithun's School

Graham Yates, Deputy Head, St Swithun's School

14:30 – 15:20
2B: Eating Disorders

Inclusive training that removes stigmas and recognises the signs and developments in eating disorders

Fiona Parsons, Assistant Head, King Alfred School

Tracy Preston, Head of Counselling, King Alfred School

14:30 – 15:20
2C: International Students

Provide pastoral support to your international pupils that overcome cultural barriers and keep wellbeing at heart.



15:20 to 15:40

15:40 to 16:30

15:40 – 16:30
3A: Social Media

Encourage healthy and intelligent use of social media, and positively embrace new developments.

Alan Mackenzie, E-Safety Trainer, Advisor and Consultant

15:40 – 16:30
3B: Suicide

How to talk openly about suicide, while being able to provide appropriate support to students at risk.

Sarah Kessling, Training Team Leader & Specialist Trainer; Lets Talk Training

15:40 – 16:30
3C: Drugs

Understand drug-taking habits of young people and how you can prevent them in your school.