Successful Middle Leadership training day - Madrid - Programme

Saturday 20 Jan 2024
British Council School, Madrid

Join us at The Bristish Council School Madrid for a one day training course focusing on excellence in leadership skills for middle, senior and aspiring leaders in International schools.

We are delighted to host Claire Gadsby as our course trainer. 

Registration, refreshments and networking (09:30 - 10:00)

Welcome from Optimus Education and group introductions (10:00)

Build successful middle leadership (10:15)

  • What matters and why: How to articulate and enact your vision.
  • Authentic leadership and the danger of assumptions.
  • Understand where best to direct energy and resources in order to secure lasting impact.

Morning refreshments and networking (11:25 - 11:45)

Grow and develop as a middle leader or coach your middle leaders to ensure strong teams (11:45)

  • The importance of communication and how to build buy-in.
  • Know to grow: Harnessing collective teacher efficacy.
  • How to secure consistency of quality across classrooms.

Lunch and networking with other international and British school leaders (12:55 - 13:40)

Grow and develop as a middle leader or coach your middle leaders to ensure strong teams part 2 (13:40)

Afternoon refreshments (14:50 - 15:10)

Use observations and audits and move to action (15:10)

  • The next level: Going beyond retrospective lesson feedback to improve teachers' skills and confidence.
  • A practical toolkit to build and sustain improvement.

Plenary and next steps (16:20)

Training day ends at 16:30