Leading Safeguarding - Programme

Thursday 10 Jun 2021 - Thursday 24 Jun 2021
Digital delivery

Module 1: Evidence leading practice (Thursday 10 June, 2.30 - 4.30pm)

2.30 Key learnings from the year and priorities for 2021-2

Chair's welcome, Dai Durbridge, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP

2.45 Working in partnership - Children's Social Care 

  • Addressing barriers to partnership working
  • How to overcome and develop key relationships to support safeguarding
  • Examples of best practice

Ella Savell-Boss, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

3.25 Effective information sharing and collaborative safeguarding

  • Ensuring we really understand and practise the legal framework
  • Confidence in sharing information to prevent harm or respond to current threats to safety and wellbeing
  • Partnership working in the best interest of the child.

Ann Marie Christian, International Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

4.05 Pre-emptive safeguarding: data use for Designated Safeguarding Leads to prevent or reduce safeguarding incidents

  • Creating a culture where staff always input safeguarding information
  • How to use safeguarding data effectively
  • Using safeguarding data to create useful and realistic targets for your pastoral team

Luke Ramsden, Senior Safeguarding Lead, St Benedict's School

4.25 Chair's closing comments

Module 2: Recognise the signs and ensure rigorous early help (Thursday 17 June, 2.30 - 4.30pm)

This module is led and chaired by Ella Savell-Boss, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

2.30 What would you do? School-based scenarios to unpick leading safeguarding practice and provision

  • How would you respond? Achieving the best possible outcomes
  • What provisions are available to us
  • Examples of best practice

Ella Savell-Boss, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

3.10 Spot the signs to identify and support at-risk families

  • Explore risk factors associated with working with vulnerable families and use psychologically-informed first aid to help unearth safeguarding needs
  • Gain skills to make decisions objectively and strategies to work in partnership with families to build positive life and learning outcomes
  • Measure and monitor the impact of your preventative and early help work

Kelly Hannaghan, Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant

3.50 Effective referrals and escalation

  • Making referrals in a way that gets the correct response from Children’s Social Care
  • How to resolve professional differences in the most constructive way
  • Keeping child-focussed 

Joanna Nicolas, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

Module 3: Leading the way in compliance and culture (Thursday 24 June, 2.30 - 4.30pm)

This module is led and chaired by Dai Durbridge and includes four sessions including practical application from David Irish 

2.30 Proactive approaches to establishing and evidencing your safeguarding culture

  • Evidencing safeguarding culture through pupil engagement
  • The importance of outcomes-focused staff training to help evidence your safeguarding excellence

3.00 Learning from safeguarding incidents

  • How to collate and code concerns and incidents, so you have really clear data on what the issues are and the frequency of issues 
  • How you then, as a school learn from that - what needs to change? What do you need to strengthen?
  • Common themes from national reviews that are relevant to schools and what schools can do to strengthen their processes to identify and safeguard the children at greatest risk of maltreatment

Joanna Nicolas, Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer

3.30 Reporting through your school or trust

  • The three Cs - communication, consistency and continuous improvement
  • Creating clear structures and strong governance
  • The what, when and why of reporting through your school or trust

4.00 Ensuring appropriate support and challenge from your safeguarding governor/trustee

  • Support and challenge - working wth your safeguarding governor/trustee
  • Effective leadership: the importance of quality training for your safeguarding governor/trustee

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