Independent Schools' Wellbeing - Programme

Tuesday 11 May 2021 - Tuesday 25 May 2021
Digital delivery

Module 1: Wellbeing culture and leadership (Tuesday 11 May, 14.30 - 16.30 hrs British Summer Time)

14.30 Leadership that thrives in the face of change and challenge

  • Sorting the simple from the complicated and complex
  • How to maintain unfailing optimism in an ambiguous world
  • Tools for promoting joy and fulfilment

​Mike Buchanan, Founder of Positively Learning

15.05 Embed wellbeing throughout your school community and culture

  • Whole School - Creating the wellbeing landscape and actively embracing the wellbeing needs of everyone in the school community
  • Staff - Meeting the needs of staff wellbeing through workload and wellness for all stakeholders
  • Pupils and Parents - Empower pupils through a 'Curriculum of Care' to be healthy and happy. Create opportunities for parent engagement, developing wellbeing through 'The Triangulation Approach' 

Nina Jackson, SEND, Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant

15.40 Breakout networking and discussion

15.50 Support students to manage high internal and external expectations with self-compassionJulie Johnson, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Educator and Author

Module 2: Strategies to support students in difficult times (Tuesday 18 May, 14.30 - 16.30 hrs British Summer Time)

14.30 Tackling the rise of eating disorders in 2021Hope Virgo, Author and Mental Health Consultant

15.10 Low mood and depression

  • Recognising the difference between clinical depression and normal sadness
  • What are the causes of depression and how can we identify students more
    at risk
  • Effective interventions to support students in your setting

Sam Garner, Education Consultant

15.40 Burnt out to balanced

  • WHY investing in staff wellbeing and Personal Development is vital in an ever changing landscape. Our motivation.
  • HOW we can put strategies in place to benefit not only ourselves but our students. Our processes.
  • WHAT this could look like if embedded across your school community for the benefit of all stakeholders. The result.

Grace Kelly, Teacher, Leader and Educational Wellbeing Consultant

16.05 Manage challenging situations and conversations

  • Why we need to have challenging conversations
  • How to deal with emotions in difficult situations
  • Practical tips for a successful conversation

Gaelle Sullivan, Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Head of Boarding, Kent College Pembury

Module 3: Quality pastoral care and wellbeing provision (Tuesday 25 May, 14.30 - 16.30 hrs British Summer Time)

14.30 Fostering resilience in school

  • What do we mean when we talk about risk and resilience?
  • What are the different factors that enable students to thrive, in spite of adversity?
  • How can we foster resilience in school settings?

Professor Neil Humphrey, Sarah Fielden Chair: Psychology of Education, University of Manchester

15.10 Social media: Encouraging healthy habits

  • Understanding the behavioural, mental health and self-esteem implications of social media and tech
  • Developing skills around regulating time spent on social media and curating feeds so they work for self-esteem and wellbeing
  • Encouraging critical thinking

Natasha Devon MBE, Writer, Speaker and Campaigner

15.50 Work collaboratively with families and external services

  • Identify barriers to joined-up working
  • Focus on effective communication
  • Improve appreciation of mutual goals

Belinda Heaven, Alpha Wellbeing Associates

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