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Wednesday 22 Mar 2023
ILEC Conference Centre, London


Lead sponsor

Sync supports schools across the UK, aiding in the adoption, deployment, and ongoing use of technology. This includes the provision of hardware and software solutions as well as training, technical support, and more.

Our approach covers everything from helping schools introduce the latest devices into the classroom, guiding CPD and curriculum strategies. Meanwhile our work with Apple Financial Services and recycle scheme ensures older devices never go to waste.

Whilst the technology and deployment practices have updated through the years, our mission statement has continued to stay the same; delivering customer-centric solutions via a consultancy-lead approach.

Contact information:

Adil Ladha
07780 726897

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Social Accounts:
Twitter: @SyncStoreUK
Facebook: @syncstoreuk
LinkedIn: Sync


MyTutor is an online tuition platform trusted by 1300+ schools & MATs. We match students from KS2-KS5 with tutors from top UK universities to reinforce classwork, fill learning gaps, and boost attainment. We’ve provided personalised 3:1 and 1:1 tuition to over 2M students, and are a National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tuition Partner. MyTutor students typically make 1 whole grade of progress after one term of lessons - over 2.5x the progress of their peers. Lessons take place online, conveniently slotting into students' timetables, and tuition programmes can be set up within 3 weeks.

Alex MacMillan

T: 0203 695 1974

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CPOMS is the market leading software solution for monitoring Safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues.

Gone are the days of extensive paper forms and burdensome filing cabinets and instead staff feel secure in the knowledge that the information they report is shared instantly with the relevant people immediately and securely. As a result of using CPOMS, staff are enabled to focus on teaching and providing support instead of administration.

Senior Leaders can build chronologies around students and produce powerful reports on vulnerable pupil groups for Case Conference Meetings, Governors, OFSTED, ESTYN and ISI at the touch of a button.

T: 01756 797766

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GL Assessment

GL Assessment is the leading provider of assessments to UK schools.

Our assessments provide powerful information that enables you to understand the whole student, helping to improve academic performance and student wellbeing. They are built on academic research, extensive trialling, and a powerful digital assessment system.

Our reports help schools make quick and effective use of the data and objective benchmarks allow any student, class and school to be measured against the national picture.

We support Trusts seeking improvement at multiple levels and in multiple settings, deliver consistent and effective teaching and ensure all students are making progress.

T: 0330 123 5375

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Innovate Healthcare

Innovate Healthcare provides a full remit of occupational health and wellbeing solutions across the UK, meeting the health and wellbeing challenges of employers and public bodies of all sizes; ranging from small local businesses to universities, schools, local councils, large nationwide manufacturers, insurers, and civil engineers to name just a few.

Innovate’s journey started in 2011, providing healthcare services to large insurers across the UK. True to our name, we have innovated over the years to stay at the forefront of changes in the health and well-being needs of the modern workforce.

We now serve customers across all industries and have developed a portfolio of clinically-led services.

T: 07701 326546

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The School Planner Company

Award-winning publisher of fully bespoke educational products specialising in student planners, teacher planners, exercise books and yearbooks for primary and secondary academies across the UK.

Each year we produce millions of customised planners and exercise books.

Working with academies we develop content that helps their students to improve outcomes, planning and organisation, while also allowing academies to reflect their policies, ethos, values and brand.

T: 01480410432

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Orovia Group Ltd

We’re award-winning experts who only specialise in the education sector. Our experts are well versed in the intricacies that go into payroll, HR and budget planning for schools, academies, and MATs, we’ve designed our software from scratch and moulded it to meet the needs of education leaders.

BPS, is capable of efficiently managing budget forecasting, monitoring, reconciling payroll, and reporting on a consolidated level.

EduPay, can be taken as a bureau or a payroll software, or anywhere in between, unique in that customers can transition between the two in phases. It’s HMRC approved, web-based and links seamlessly with BPS. It will make your payroll process smoother and your working life easier.

Together BPS & EduPay form a highly efficient back-end management system which eliminates dual entry and automates payroll reconciliation.

T: 01138 800995

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Delivering processes at a scale inside of a Trust presents big challenges. Without a simple way to integrate your team, data and platforms together it’s very hard to define, deliver or keep track of the work that keeps your organisation ticking over.

Habitude is a process management and automation platform for growing MATs. It allows you to define and roll out great processes, and then deliver and track them to completion. We connect all of your pieces up into a coherent, scaleable whole.

Habitude is built exclusively for MAT environments with integrations and features tailored exactly towards the needs of school groups.

T: 07816 503614

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Flash Academy

FlashAcademy’s mission is to unlock the potential of every learner held back by a language barrier. As the UK’s No.1 EAL platform, we help over 950 schools and 250,000+ learners to accelerate their English language skills from 48 home languages

Aligned with DfE Curriculum, FlashAcademy engages students in KS1-4 to learn with interactive curriculum content in a variety of subject areas. Help your students to build fundamental skills such as confidence in vocabulary, grammar, handwriting, phonics, reading comprehension and inference skills, from 48 home languages.

FlashAcademy is accessible anywhere, anytime and allows schools to conduct assessments and provide custom lessons and activities for classroom, independent and remote learning. Our digital EAL proficiency assessment helps teachers to digitally baseline their pupils’ English skills and track progress over time.

Discover how FlashAcademy can help your pupils accelerate their English language skills today!

T: 07903826585

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Community Playthings

Children need simple, natural environments that promote open-ended, imaginative play.

Since 1947 Community Playthings, has designed and manufactured wooden furniture and play equipment, drawing on expertise from childcare professionals across the UK and internationally.

Made in our workshops in the UK, the solid wood construction and robust joinery make for products that last decades. Our furniture is mobile, modular and adaptable, enabling you to change and configure your environments to suit the needs of each child and staff member. 

All items carry our standard 15-year warranty, and we provide free 2-week delivery anywhere in the UK.

T: 0800 387 457

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QDP – The Survey Specialist for MATs and Academies!

An independently managed survey provider, offering a confidential platform to ensure EVERY stakeholder is given a voice.

- ALL INCLUSIVE tailored/bespoke questionnaires – run as many as you like, when you like with full support included!

- Online/paper-based targeting.

- Centralised MAT control AND individual school surveys.

- Comprehensive reporting including; Full Written Summary Report, Internal/External/MAT Benchmarking, EIF reporting, Distance Travelled…

- Memberships at very competitive rates, SurveyManager – our DIY web-based software. Gold Service – let QDP do everything for you.

“The ability to track significant data so efficiently is instrumental in shaping school improvement priorities."

“They nationally benchmark data against other MAT’s which is a fantastic USP…I highly recommend QDP.”

"Confident no provider can match QDP’s price or products."

Let us help YOU make a real difference and shape a better tomorrow.

T: 01625 501917

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IMP Software

As a supplier providing 'best in class' MAT Budgeting, Re-forecasting and Financial Software, IMP incorporate the best bits of Excel within beautiful cloud software that puts the MAT in the driving seat. The team behind IMP have spent many years working with some of the largest and fastest growing MATs in the country and know that a school budgeting system with a few MAT reports stuck on top, doesn't work. That's why they've designed the system specifically for centralising or centralised MAT's that wants to set the direction for their academies, through greater consistency and eliminating duplicated data entry.

Jordan Butel (Head of Sales)

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Thrive equips teaching staff to help children and young people understand and manage their emotions, so they feel safe, supported, and ready to learn.

Over 50,000 staff in 2,600 schools and settings have received Thrive training, ensuring that 600,000 children and young people aged 0-25 have access to the Thrive Approach.

Thrive offer training, online assessments, and expert strategies for working with pupils to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment (as well as supporting staff wellbeing).

Thrive aligns with Public Health England’s eight principles for a whole school and college approach and supports staff to collect evidence of progress for continuous improvement work and OFSTED inspections.

T: 01392 797555

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School Business Services

School Business Services’ education-specific teams specialise in Finance, MIS and ICT. Our professional services include short- and long-term cover for finance and data staff at all levels, along with management accounting, outsourced processing, internal scrutiny and timetabling. Our financial forecasting and planning software SBS Budgets is used by over 200 MATs .

T: 07795 655423

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Glove Consulting

Glove Consulting was founded by John Brennan who has over 25 years experience in the sector.

We now work with all types of public sector and education institutions, including multi academy trusts, providing advice, direction insight across the full spectrum of engagement, culture, communication, reputational and brand related issues.

Our mission is to use our unique combination of experience and skills to deliver a considered and strategic development solution that fits you, your organisation and your stakeholders like a glove.

John is currently working with several trusts nationwide providing advice on growth , communications and marketing development strategies.

T: 07803 537 246

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GDPRiS is the leading provider of data protection management and monitoring software and services to the UK education sector. Founded in 2017, GDPRiS delivers an affordable solution to assist schools with their compliance with data protection law.

More than 4,000 Schools and Trusts relay on GDPRiS to manage and monitor their data protection efforts, meet the requirements of the GDPR and evidence their compliance.

T: 0115 857 7452

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Class Technology Solutions

Class Technology Solutions (CTS) is a leading Education ICT solutions provider that provides consultancy, infrastructure services, network development and upgrades, and managed support services to educational establishments throughout the UK. CTS seeks to develop and bring to market innovative solutions and has introduced to the UK the Easy4U subscription service. CTS have teamed up with Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft to provide a revolutionary new way for students everywhere to access the high-quality technology they need, with a portal called Easy4u. Please visit our stand to find out more

T: 07918083858

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