Effective Operations of Multi-Academy Trusts - Programme

Thursday 30 Jan 2020
IBIS, ILEC Conference Centre, London

09:00 to 09:40

09:40 to 09:55

09:55 to 10:25

09:55 – 10:25

Overcome the constraints on funding through intelligent financial model design and forecasting 

Stephen Mitchell, Director, Keystone Knowledge


10:25 to 10:55

10:25 – 10:55
Organisational Effectiveness

Ensure that as you develop the entire Trust is aligned to a strong purpose and vision that is translated effectively into practice through organisational design and the setting of objectives 

Nick Mackenzie, Partner, and Emma Hughes, Head of HR Services, Browne Jacobson LLP


10:55 to 11:15

10:55 – 11:15
Effective Stakeholder Feedback

Ensure you are operating in a single language across the Trust by using stakeholder feedback to support Trust-wide school improvement 

Ernest Jenavs, Founder and CEO, Edurio 


11:15 to 11:25

11:25 to 12:05

12:05 to 12:50

12:05 – 12:50

Growth strategy ideas that streamline conversion processes and achieve economies of scale 

Sarah Chambers, Education Services Senior Manager, Cooper Parry 

12:05 – 12:50
1B: Staff Structures

Create a staff model that is able to overcome the structural challenges of staffing a MAT

Emma Hughes, Head of HR Services, Browne Jacobson 
Tom Wallace, Senior HR Consultant, Browne Jacobson 

12:05 – 12:50
1C: Cloud Based Learning

Successfully develop, plan and deliver a Digital Strategy that supports the delivery of your core aims and priorities. 
Stephen Sanderson, Chief Information Officer, Greenwood Academies 


12:50 to 13:30

12:50 – 13:30

13:30 to 14:00

13:30 – 14:00
Recruitment and Retention

Practical strategies to strengthen staff retention and recruitment, ensuring positive working environments and staff wellbeing  

Patrick Ottley O’Connor, Executive Principal, North Liverpool Academy & Northern Schools Trust 


14:00 to 14:30

14:00 – 14:30

Governance in school trusts is complex across multiple layers and often across multiple locations and phases. Having created the governance at Ark as the trust doubles in size, this session will focus on lessons learnt to help create effective coherent governance. 

Emma Perkin, Governance Consultant, The Confederation of School Trusts 
Anna Machin, Governance Manager, Ark 


14:30 to 14:50

14:30 – 14:50
Best Practice Network

Understanding the characteristics and context of executive leadership: focussing on the challenges for sustainability and growth of executive leaders by exploring the main strategic issues and considering key questions around capacity/competence  

Kelly McKay, Education and CPD Consultant, Best Practice Network 


14:55 to 15:05

15:05 to 15:20

15:20 to 16:05

15:20 – 16:05
2A: Site Management

Develop a framework that ensures the succinct management of different sites and save money in the process

Edward Thomas, Estates Director, Academy Transformation Trust

15:20 – 16:05
2B: Centralisation

Solutions-driven ideas addressing the challenges of centralisation, helping your MAT operate as one brand

Stephen Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer, Spencer Academies Trust

15:20 – 16:05
2C: Risk

Minimise risk in your MAT through designing a framework that champions a proactive risk management culture

Alison Moon, Trust Business Manager, Veritas MAT 


16:05 to 16:50

16:05 – 16:50
3A: Policy Design

Build watertight policies that affirm trust-wide accountability and security

Nick Mackenzie, Partner, Browne Jacobson

Emma Hughes, Head of HR Services, Browne Jacobson

16:05 – 16:50
3B: Banking Risks 

Explore the many embedded risks in banking structures and set up that most Multi Academy Trusts are subject to, often without knowing it 

Ian Buss, Managing Director, Education Banking Consultancy 

16:05 – 16:50
3C: Leadership

Realise your leadership potential and collate ideas that will allow you to be more effective in your role 

Patrick Ottley O’Connor, Executive Principal, North Liverpool Academy & Northern Schools Trust