Deliver & Assess an Outstanding ICT & Computing Curriculum

Tuesday 25 Sep 2012 - Central London
Lead whole-school staff training, and design an innovative curriculum that embeds technology in all learning and promotes digital literacy

NEW SPEAKER CONFIRMED: Peter Twining, Director of Vital and Senior Lecturer at the Open University to deliver a comprehensive keynote update on government reforms around ICT and progress on the national curriculum review.

Why is this conference relevant?

Are you equipped to deliver an 'outstanding' ICT and computing curriculum in your school now that the existing programme of study has been removed?

By disapplying the ICT curriculum, The Dfe has offered schools the freedom to make much better use of new technology and develop a new curriculum in a way that suits each individual school. But how can you ensure making the right decisions to equip your students with 21st skills and digital literacy?

With a consultation still underway on the new National Curriculum, are you left wondering what an ‘Outstanding’ ICT curriculum looks like in practice?  And in the face of new emphasis on computer science and programming in schools, do your staff have the capability and capacity to deliver this new curriculum competently?   If so, this conference will provide some much-needed guidance.

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What can I expect?

Attend Optimus Education’s inaugural Outstanding ICT & Computing conference to gain clarity and current best practice in designing, delivering and assessing a creative and up-to-date curriculum that ensures all learners receive a broad and balanced technological education. 

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Gain practical and strategic guidance from ICT and computing experts who are leading the way in delivering innovative and engaging ICT in schools.  You will receive the latest updates on the ICT curriculum review as well as Ofsted’s expectations for ICT & Computing in schools under the new inspection framework.

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Be inspired by school leaders who are not only incorporating new technologies in the classroom to enhance learning, but are also accurately evidencing, monitoring and assessing this learning and pupil progress. Learn from their experiences in targeted in-depth workshops to ensure you can embed this practice across your whole school. 

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