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This unit is based on the premise that wellbeing is a life-long investment and needs to be taught, facilitated and modelled well.

It is achieved via a three-pronged approach because the adults will need to change first. Adults who have ‘done the work’ on themselves are far better able to support and nurture children in their wellbeing journey. They understand child development, what drives behaviour and can then respond appropriately and compassionately.

The three approaches are:

  1. Adult-led work on adults: in this step, you will learn more about how to understand yourself, your values and behaviour, and what impact this has on children. Examples will include self-regulation, setting appropriate boundaries (so everyone feels safe), avoiding overwhelm/burn-out, role-modelling, connections/community and avoiding toxic positivity.
  2. Adult-led work for children: this step offers the chance to focus on relationships, connection, community, consistency and your ways of being.
  3. Adult-led work with children: this step encourages you to consider how you might employ a values-led education, how you can promote better emotional literacy, PSHE, solution-focused thinking, consistency, collaboration and sincere acknowledgement – all to better promote pupil wellbeing.

Aims and outcomes

• Identify how wellbeing is a skill that can be taught, facilitated and modelled by well-informed adults.
• Understand how wellbeing is intrinsically linked to healthy relationships, connection and consistency.
• Recognise how whole-setting (school) approaches can be implemented to support all pupils with their skill development and capacity to learn.

Unit content

Unit 4: A three-pronged approach to wellbeing