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This unit is an opportunity to reflect on the current state of pupil wellbeing defined by your school. Remember, every school and every pupil will be different.

Need forms the backbone of wellbeing: without understanding and responding to need, it is impossible to promote, protect and improve wellbeing.

This groundwork helps ensure robustness and encourages you to step back and reflect, instead of jumping straight in with lots of new ideas that might not work in your setting.

This unit also encourages you to ask yourself lots of questions, to examine how to promote and protect your pupils’ wellbeing, and how to balance both effectively.

If pupils are noticed, acknowledged and listened to properly, they feel more valued. This value turns into engaged, enthusiastic and more capable pupils.

Aims and outcomes

  • Explore the 10 different types of wellbeing.
  • Recognise the types of wellbeing that are most pertinent to your pupils.
  • Discover what outcome you would like and know how to get there.

Unit content

Unit 1: Ten types of wellbeing